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Hakama & Keikogi

Washing your Uniform

Blue Uniforms
For new uniforms, wash once with a mixture of vinegar or ammonia and water ( cup of vinegar/ammonia for every gallon of water) before use. This will help prevent the dye from washing out.
After use, place the hakama and keiko-gi into a bath tub and fill with cold water (washing one at a time works best). It is recommended that the hakama remain folder, in order to preserve the pleats of the hakama. Mild detergent or soap flakes work well but is not necessary. Soak until the sweat has leaked out. The water will begin to look yellow, brown, or purple. This should take at least 30 minutes. Remove the uniform before draining the water and set out to dry.

White Uniforms
For the Keikogi, soak Keikogi in a tub of water with a bit of bleach for an hour or so. Or use the washing machine (settings: extra large, cold; put a tiny bit of detergent; half a cup of bleach - do not put directly on the keikogi, but rather in the water).
For Non-cotton Hakama: Soak in tub of water (only). 1 hour max.

ALWAYS hang to dry. Never use the dryer!

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