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Officer's Manual

Version 1.0, Last Updated 5.28.10

How an Officer is Chosen
. An officer is chosen due to two things:
1 He has shown that he is suited for the officer position or is capable of learning and handling the officer position.
2 He has shown that he is or becoming a sempai who provides a good, leading example at practice.
. Present officers must be in majority agreement on electing the officer.
. An officer may be removed upon majority agreement.

Officer's Role in General
. Each officer must be an active member of the club. That is each officer must consistently show up to practice, outside events, and must be available and in contact with the other officers.
. Communicating with other officers: All officers must participate and discuss in the officer chat.
. Ideas for Helping out on Instruction: Any ideas must be discussed and approved by Sensei. The best thing to do is to tell people to read up on stuff and show up to practice early.
. Other Ideas: If an officer has any idea, he should discuss it with the rest of the officers. Keeping ideas to oneself will not help anyone.
. Keeping Members: Each officers should endeavor to stay in touch with desired members. Ask them if they're coming to practice, if they have been practice. If they haven't been showing up lately and have not told why, the officers should try to contact them. Also each officer should try to get members to socialize with each other: get to know them before practice, get other members to know each other, invite them to dinner after Keiko.
. Building Pride: wear red, go to UH events, pray to Buc-ee.

Specific Officer Roles
The President is responsible for developing the club and it's officers. His function is to delegate work and make sure ideas for the club's development are implemented.
. Sensei: The President is the officer in charge of making sure Sensei gets the necessary support needed from the club. He will note sensei's plans to the promulgated and ensure that every officer is on the same page.
. Sempai: The president is a strong character who is a good Sempai.
. SUSKIF Board Member: In addition the president is a voting member of the Southern US Kendo & Iaido Federation. He must attend all required board meetings.

Vice President
The VP is the President's right hand, who aids in making sure that things run smoothly. He aids in the delegating and executing officer duties. That is, he should make sure that every little detail for every duty is taken care of. If not, he must ensure that they are either by delegating or doing it himself.
. Sports Club Meetings: The VP has the obligation of showing up to all of the sports club meetings. He should also make sure that one of officer/potential officer accompanies him.
. Room Reservations: One of the most important duties of the officers of the club is to ensure room reservations. The VP is specifically in charge of making sure this happens.

The Sempai is an officer who is recognized for dedication and ability in Kendo. He is an officer who is specifically designated to help in the recruiting, teaching and keeping of members.
. Recruiting: The Sempai may choose to run or assist in events used for recruiting. His role in recruiting is mainly to speak those who ask about the club at the events, before/after keiko, etc. and generate interest by other means.
. Teaching: The Sempai has the obligation to show up 30 minutes to an hour early before each practice to help new members and kohai. He should make himself available to everyone before keiko and interact with those who need and deserve help. In addition, he should work on cultivating other members to be good sempai by encouraging/teaching them how to receive and instruct.
. Keeping: The Sempai should work to develop relationships with active new members inside and outside of keiko. He should stay in touch and follow up with members, by asking them if they will show up to practice/go to outside events. At events, he should endeavor to bring the members into the group.

The Secretary plays the crucial role in keeping things organized and ensuring that every little detail is taken care of. Due to the large burden placed on this role, it is a good idea to have more than one secretary.
. Attendance: Taking attendance serves multiple purposes. It informs Sensei, along with everyone else, who exactly is showing up and how often they have show up.
. Student Organization Handbook: The secretary is responsible for the distributing of the handbook to other officers. He is also responsible for knowing what is in the handbook and informing the other officers of any necessary procedures and rules.
. Records: The secretary should keep track of making sure everything is recorded either electronically or by hard copy. Make a copy of forms before turning them in. Always make sure to ask for the receiver of the form's name and record the date and time.

As Cougar Kendo is a Sports Club, there are certain duties that must be fulfilled.
. Handbook: The secretary is responsible for the distributing of the handbook to other officers. He is also responsible for knowing what is in the handbook and informing the other officers of any necessary procedures and rules.
. Waivers: Every member must fill out a waiver for the year. The waivers should be copied/scanned for records, before turning them in.
. Travel Forms: Whenever the club travels, the club must request and turn in forms in advance.

. Itinerary: The secretary needs to compile an information packet that includes at least the necessary contact numbers, people who are traveling, specific addresses, event schedule, and maps.

Organizing Events
. Fundraising

Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the holding of the money in the club.
. Budget: The treasurer must neatly record the club's spendings and income, as Cougar Kendo is/becomes a registered 501c3 organization. In addition, there must be a neat record that may be available to those who request it.
. Bank Account: The treasurer is in charge of knowing and keeping track of the use of the club's money.
. Equipment Order: The treasurer is in charge of the ordering and handing out of any equipment.
. Fundraising: The treasurer must ensure that either he, an officer, or a trusted member keeps track of the money raised during fundraising events.

Additional Duties/Roles
Historian: It is desirous for the club collect as much media as possible for the preservation of the history of the club. A historian may be elected to hold record of this and ensure that the website is updated so that current and new members, as well as visitors, may view.
Webmaster: As the club has a website, it should be keep as much up to date as possible. A webmaster may be elected to maintain the coding of the website, the url and space, and update the necessary information.
Class Officer: The idea of this position is to elect an upcoming beginner for the semester as the leader and representative of the beginner group for the semester. He must show promise and dedication in Kendo and the readiness to lead as an officer. In addition, when he is put into bogu, his position is to be passed down while he is to be given a different officer position with more duties.
Sponsors: The club endeavors to have support from sponsors. An officer should be designated to seek sponsors and when there are sponsors, he should develop a relationship with the sponsors and keep them informed.

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