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Jigeiko Tips

1. Unless you are instructed to do otherwise, it is not appropriate to give advice to a junior (or a senior) on things while you keiko. Your aim should not follow 'leading keiko' where a senior keikos in a way that helps develop the junior. Instead, you should be focusing on your on keiko and improving yourself.
. If a junior stops keiko to ask a question on technique, don't spend time answering it.
. If a junior must stop keiko and adjust their bogu, make sure they bow out!
2. Remember your training: Kiai, step, cut, go thorugh, Zanshin. Forget about trying to win/get a point, you will not succeed. Jigeiko means foundation practice. Practice what you have been taught.
3. Be aware of your environment! Don't back into walls and other people.
4. Try to step forward, even if your opponent intimidates you. Don't allow yourself to be backed up.
5. Look at your opponent's eyes.. not the cut you plan to do.

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