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Beginner Lesson Plans


09 Fall

09/01 Shamina, Neal, Judy
Proper standing rei & usage
Ashi sabaki
Chudan & Feet check check
Proper men
Men uchi
Sankyo do men drill

Probably better to have 2 staggered lines than one line
Ask people to be examples, answer questions
Ask if people have questions or if people want to do things over

09/03 Shamina, Robert, Michael
Recap: ashi sabaki, chudan, sonkyo
Footwork drill: with shinai behind .. squeeze butt - don't bounce
. Then footwork in chudan
Pair: courtesies
. Receiving men on shinai, kiai step cut step back, both go to chudan - hitting hard
. Kote
Uchikomi Drill: Men, Kote, Kote Men
. Discuss Zanshin
Haya suburi

Get group to kiai well by asking them to repeat things as a group
Teach people to how to make evenly staggered lines
Start up helping those before practice by doing detailed check of their manners, chudan, and cuts

09/08 Shamina, Nancy, Andrew
Recap in staggered lines: chudan, sonkyo
Footwork drills: Command: Mae Ato, Migi Hidari, etc.
Sankyo Do Men Men Drill, then Kote
Footwork: Everyone keep lines but condense to one wall
. with shinai on behind - idea: Each line kiai for 3 seconds, then go
. then step step stomp
Groups of 3/4: Cut and stop 1" away from person
. Receiving: Men, Kote
. Yokomen for Kiri Kaeshi

. Need to practice cutting on a person and learn what hitting hard is
09/10 Shamina, Chris, Marci
Footwork + Fumikomi
. Receive: Men, Kote, Kote Men, 3 men in one breath, 3 kote men in one breath
. Tiatari
. KiriKaeshi

. Need people to not lunge and take small steps
. Manners

09/15 Chris, Nancy, David
. Manners: rei - heels together, feet 45 deg apart
. Sonkyo
. Chudan
Ashi sabaki

Too much talking
Those in bogu were not participating only watching

09/17 Chris, Peter
. Courtesies: Rei, Taito, 3 sliding steps RLR, pull sword out and sonkyo (swords should be crossed)
- Show an example, ask if everyone understands/has and questions
. Practice Kirikaeshi, Men, Kote, & Kote Men by Kiai, step, Cut 1" away from head x3
- MOVE ON COMMAND At each step, check people, if needed make a very short one sentence comment, before moving on.
- EX kirikaeshi - Kiai, Step in (make sure swords are cross within first 6" not too deep), lift (everyone has both hands over head but not too far back), Cut (Men), Forward: ICHI (make sure eveyone is cutting right yokomen, left hand is in the middle of the body at solar plexus, string is pointing at an angle), Ni, San, Shi, Backwards: Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, back at at tips into chudan, REPEAT, for final shomen: step in, lift, cut - have receiver receive on shinai, & go through. - EX men - Kiai, Step in, lift, cut, go back out at tips into chudan
- FIRST, show an example & ask for questoons
- SECOND, After first kirikaeshi, men, kote, kote men - ask for questions, give a short comment and repeat again and again
. Practice Men, Kote, Kote Men, 3 men in one breath, 3 kote men in one breath, with partner receiving on shinai
- EX Men - Kiai, Step in, lift, cut
- FIRST, give an example &
- Discuss: Zanshin - tell them which line to go through to, how to turn around, must step forward and finish kiai ONLY
after stepping foward
During jigeiko (Nancy): ashi sabaki, footwork drills
09/22 Judy, Akila
Teach Do: Swing straight up like a men, Yokomen @ Kote height
. Do 1" away from partner 3x10
. Practice Do at Home 3x10: How to receive w/o a do, and go through on left
. Men 1" away from partner 3x5
. Kote 1" away from partner 3x5
. Kote Men 1" away 3x5
. Kirikaeshi 3x
. Men 5x3
3 lines:
. Do 3x

Men 1" away is excellent but fails to translate when it's men on shinai/actual men

. Receiver steps aside at last moment: Men 3x5
. Hiki: Men, Do
. One handed drills: Men
. Receive on Shinai: Men, Kote Men, Kote Do, Men Tiatari Do, Men Tiatari Do Kote Men, Men Tiatari Do Men
During jigeiko: footwork

10 Spring

02/02-04 Shamina, Nancy
Focus: Kiai, proper cutting, big cuts
Kiai Step M, KM, KD, KMD

02/09-11 Chris
Focus: Kiai, Cut not whack
Footwork drills:
Kirikaeshi Cut in air 1" away from person, last men receive on shinai
Kiai Step M, KM

02/16-18 Robert, Richard
Haya Suburi
Ashi Sabaki

03/09-11 Andrew
Checks: Do not move on until everyone has fixed themselves
. Chudan
. Footwork in pairs: straight back, feet straight, hips straight
. Shinai warmups: small steps, cutting not just doing the movements, know the names of the drills
Kirikaeshi x5: Cut in air 1" away from person, last men receive on shinai
Kekari Keiko Mx5, KMx5: cut, distance, follow through
Hiki M, M Hiki M, M Hiki D
Sonkyo do drills: M, K, D

03/23 Chris
Lots of Men practice 03/25 Shamina
Kata #1
Footwork drills - worked on fumikomi
Receiving do with shinai
Do in depth
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