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Beginner Drills

Krikaeshi: beginning
B1-7: 0:40
1-7: 1:55

Kiri Kaeshi
. Kiri kaeshi is a 21 cut drill that is done with 2 breaths
. Receiver will say 'kiri kaeshi' and then you respond back with 'kiri kaeshi' or some Kiai
. 1st breath: Begin in chudan with swords crossed at tips, step forward into Issoku Itto no Maai, cut Shomen, take a few steps forward while keeping Men form
. Then cut 4 yokomen forward, starting on the right and alternating sides with each strike
. 5 yokomen backword, go back into chudan
. 2nd breath: repeat shomen and the 9 yokomen, and then finish with a final shomen

Beginner 1-7
. Men
. Kote
. Kote Men
. Men tiatari Men
. Men Taiatari Men Men
. Men Taiatari Men Kote
. Men Taiatari Men Kote Men

Original 1-7
. Men
. Kote Men
. Kote Do
. Kote Men Do
. Men Taiatari Do
. Men Taiatari Do, Kote Men
. Men Taiatari Do, Men

Drills Down the Floor
. forward, backward, side
. in chudan, with shinai against back
. with/out kiai
. small, normal, big steps

Fumikomi w/Kiai
. step, no step
. footwork only, men, kote
. footwork only, men men, kote men
. footwork only, men men men, kote men men, kote kote men
Fumi all the way: footwork only, men, kote, kote men

Multi-Step Cuts
. Ichi-Ni Men/Yokomen/Kote
. Ichi-Ni-San-Shi Men Men/Kote Men/Kote Do

. One foot hop: in Chudan, doing cuts
. Step Sonkyo
. Haya suburi: footwork only or w/cut
. Lunge Mens

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