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Kendo Keiko (Practice)
Note1: This is the general format of keiko used at Cougar Kendo F08-S09. This may change for F09.
Note2: This is a compilation of notes by the officers.

Before Keiko
. Enter room- remember rei!
. Make sure the floor is swept: beginners were assigned
. Make sure you have warmed up a bit

Line up
. Men must be lined up evenly, people should be lined up evenly
. Sensei will sit and then a sempai will order 'Chakuza' - sit down formally in seiza (left leg down first, then right)
. Then 'Mokuso' - meditate to clear your mind, breathe evenly and calm oneself (left hand on top of right hand, left thumb on top of right - weak left is holding back the strong right)
. 'Otaga ni rei' - bow to everyone and say “Onegaishimasu”
. 'Sensei ni rei' - bow to sensei and say “Onegaishimasu” (sensei gata ni rei is said when there are multiple sensei)
. 'Yosh' stand up and put men against a wall, get in circle for warmups

Jumping unison 5x count of 4 to a rep, down on 4th count
Knees Forward/Backward 2x8 count of 4 to a rep, 2 forward, 2 back
Knees Circle 2x8 count of 4 to a rep, right first
Spread Feet
Knee Bends 2x8 2 to a side
Knee Bends Deep 2x8 4 to a side
Stretch-Touch Floor 2x8 count of 4 to a rep, 2 down, 2 up
Side-side 2x8 count of 4 to a rep, 2 to a side
Stretch-Circle 2x8 count of 4 to a rep
Stretch-rotate 2x8
Arms - stepping out 2x8 count of 4 to a rep
Arms - rotate 2x8 count of 4 to a rep, 2 forward, 2 back
Neck - Forward/Backward 2x8 count of 4 to a rep
Neck - Side/Side 2x8 count of 4 to a rep
Neck - Circle 2x8 count of 4 to a rep
Achilles -Right ankle 10x
Achilles -Right ankle - Migi 10x
Achilles -Right ankle - Hidari 10x
Achilles -Left ankle 10x
Achilles -Left ankle - Migi 10x
Achilles -Left ankle - Hidari 10x
Forearm -up/down 2x10 x# of people

'Yasume' on your own
'Shinai o tore' go into sonkyo, pick up your shinai

jogeburi 10x Large suburi, naname-buri 10x Large diagonal suburi
shomen/Yokumen 2x10x Men strike suburi
migi/hidari shomen uchi 10x Men strike suburi moving left & right
ashi sabaki 4x8
Hayasuburi 30x
shin ko kyu 3x Deep Breathing, hold on third

Ashiwaza (Partnered Footwork warmup drills)
Two types
1 With partners holding tip of other's shinai
. Rei - “onegaishimasu”
.Draw shinai
.Lay tip of shinai in partner’s hand
.Sliding footwork with small steps down the room and back
.Rei “arigatou gozaimasu”
.Change partners to the right (skip one person and go to the next)
.Repeat 2 more times

2 In chudan
. Sensei will tell when to begin
. Move with both partners staying in chudan no kamae
.Sensei announce to move in opposite direction (take small and quick steps to avoid leaning on the stops)

Men down the room (men army)
. Both lines form on one side of the room
. Sensei will choose someone to ‘lead out’
. That certain someone will begin to Kiai (yell with intent to strike), everyone joins in the kiai
. Together the group strike mens and moves across the room in one breath
Right foot forward, raise shinai, bring left foot up
Right foot forward, strike men, use fumikomiashi stomping step
Turn properly or you will hit others
. Repeat many more times

Uchikomi Drills
. 'Men o tsuke': Those in bogu put on their men

1-7: Set of drills that are basic to kendo
. Men
. Kote Men
. Kote Do
. Kote Men Do
. Men Taiatari Do
. Men Taiatari Do, Kote Men
. Men Taiatari Do, Men

Kiri Kaeshi: one cannot keiko without doing kiri kaeshi
. Kiri kaeshi is a 21 cut drill that is done with 2 breaths
. Receiver will say 'kiri kaeshi' and then you respond back with 'kiri kaeshi'
. 1st breath: Begin in chudan, cut shome, taiatari (do not step backwards after tiatari
. Then 4 yokomen forward, starting on the right and alternating sides with each strike
. 5 yokomen backword, go back into chudan
. 2nd breath: repeat shomen and the 9 yokomen, and then finish with a final shomen

. Two groups are formed: beginners and those in bogu

. Sliding step footwork: ashiwaza in chudan no kamae
. Single foot slides: Keep right leg in the air, Generally the same as the sliding step but only on the left leg . Squat hops: Squat do prep
In squatting position with chudan no kamae
Bottom should not be touching heels
Feet approx 45 degrees angled

. Strikes in parts
To practice strikes in unison
To fix posture during the strike
Each step is to be done in one continueous motion
All start at chudan no kamae
Ex. “Men” = 3 counts
Ichi: Raise shinai over head from chudan
Ni: Step forward while striking men, make sure left foot is brought up and not left behind, be sure right arm is at SHOULDER HIEGHT
San: Move back 2 steps and return to chudan
Ex. “Kote Men” = 4 counts
Ichi: Raise shinai over head from chudan
Ni: Step forward while striking kote, should be parallel to the grown
San: Step forward while striking men
Shi: Move back 3 steps and return to chudan
* This drill can be done with any of the one “1-7” techniques

. Circular Strikes
. A few of the sempai in the junior group form a circular path
. The leader will choose the order of cuts (eg: all mens, or one men, one kote men, one do) - one cut/set per receiver
. Those in line will step forward and strike through (Like in keikari keiko)
. The receiver tells them what they need to work on and then attackers move on
They are to keep the idea on how to fix their strike in mind
The purpose of this is to have the junior know what they are doing wrong
And to fix it right away while keeping them moving
To promote good muscle memory
And to help lessen bad habits
“no time to think in a real battle, move on and go through”

Kekari Keiko
This is when everyone gives their all (200%) even though they are worn out
. 4 in bogu receive everyone
. All members line up in either 1 or 2 lines depending on sensei’s choice
. First person in line begins
. Everyone in line is ready before it is their turn
. The receiver will open to a type of attack:
Men: Drops shinai tip (ever so slightly) and to the right
Kote: Raises shinai tip a bit to their left
Do: Raises arms
Men tiatari Men/Do: receiver will indicate if they want to tiatari
Men Debana Men: receive will not receive but attack as well
. After 3 - 9 cuts the person moves on to the next senior/sensei
. The second person follows IMMEDIATELY to the first senior/sensei
. Receiver may and likely will do differently with other seniors

. Line up
. 'Chakuza'
. After sensei takes his men off, 'men o tore' seniors take theirs off
. Announcement, etc. are made.
. 'Mokuso'
. 'Otaga ni rei' - bow and “domo arigato gozaimasta”
. 'Sensei ni re' - bow and “domo arigato gozaimasta”
. Clap for yourself if you worked hard
. While clapping, stnad up properly and gather to the center of the room
. Kiai: Ichi, Ni, COUGARS

After Keiko
. Go to sensei: Rei and say arigato for practice

Miscellaneous Notes
. Men – headstrike
. Shomen = straight men strike down the middle
. Yokomen = approx 15 degree angled men strike (to side of head)
. Kote
. Do
. Tsuki – (only done with upper level seniors, only dans may use without permission during jigeiko)
. Taiatari – when the hilts of two shinais clas, uUse hips to push the opponent NOT ARMS
. Tsuba zariei (?) – same as taiatari but at the tsuba (crossguard)
. Kiai- The fighting sprit essence behind your attack
. 'O-ri-a' Standard kiai used to develop mouth for kiai and before individual kiai is developed
. Zanshin: The essence to keep fighting - upon completing a strike and going through, turn around, step forward, return to chudan (DO NOT STOP KIAI BEFORE COMPLETING ZANSHIN)
“one without zanshin has lost the battle, but there is no battle if one cannot Kiai”
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